is a Real Estate data website that puts millions of records at your fingertips so that you can quickly and efficiently target probable sellers and evaluate the market value of these properties. is the most advanced property identification and research tool available in the real estate industry for Investors and Real Estate Professionals. It will allow you to complete more transactions than ever before.

In Real Estate investing, the key to success is being in the "right place at the right time" and will enable you to do just that! Equally important is the need to "work smarter, not just harder" and that is specifically why has been developed.

You Do! And so does the seller when your offer meets their needs. Data that normally has not been easily accessible to the general public has been brought into one online location to make what seemed like the impossible, not only possible, but easy to use.

Adding Property Farm to your team is like hiring a team of researchers or personal assistants to identify and evaluate property. The automated system in can be set up to email you a daily report of all "new" events that have occurred in your areas of interest that could cause people to sell. It can be as simple as setting up your research areas and then sitting back as property information you are interested in arrives to you daily. Yes, it can be SIMPLE... but only with